B2ST’s Dongwoon wishes to commute to school by bike

It was recently revealed that B2ST’s Dongwoon has found a stable college life after becoming a freshman earlier this year.
Although he delayed his entrance into college for a year, Dongwoon is now happily attending Konkuk University as a media studies major. Unfortunately, he’s unable to get to school with his preferred method of transportation.
A representative of Cube Entertainment recently revealed, “He hasn’t been able to ride his bicycle to school because of the cold weather, he said he wants to commute to school on his bike when the weather warms up. He’s made new friends and is having an enjoyable college life.”
At the time of his acceptance into Konkuk University, Dongwoon expressed his happiness on his Twitter as he wrote, “I’ve finally become a college student after failing so many times. Thank you for all your support. I plan to ride a bike to and from school.”
Source: Newsen via Nate