Yoona Vs Goo Hara,who wears the shirt better?

SNSD’s member Yonna and Kara’s Goo Hara spotted wearing same t-shirt.
On 13th, internet community posted a photo of yoona and goo hara wearing same t-shirt and it has gained attention from netizen.
both of them were smiling and wearing same purple – tee. yonna was applying hair-pin on her fringe which made her look natural, while Goo Hara with wave hairstyle and both of her hands on the sides of her hair
the two people wearing same t-shirt made netizen commented ,”Both of you look pretty” , “Wearing purple-tee, you are so pretty” and another comments.
Meanwhile SNSD on 12th visited bangkok, thailand for MBC korean wave concert.
Source : Startoday
Trans : Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang
Edited : hellohazel @ SMTownJjang