SJ-M is the most well-received at the Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival

According to reports from the Hong Kong media, this year's 《Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival》 was held on the 23rd of March at the Expo. Countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia deployed their best men with the heavenly kings and queens' status, and also young, talented artists to perform and compete against each other. William Chan, who was representing Hong Kong, was unable to win over his overseas rivals, and was eliminated first; he expressed that he was disappointed (with the loss), but would definitely accept the defeat with good grace.

China's representative wins two awards

Hong Kong's William Chan, China's Wu Qiong, Taiwanese group SIGMA, South Korean group The Boss*, Singapore's Tay Kewei and Malaysian band Bunkface chased after the Asian Super New Star Award, Best Stage Performance award, (and) the Best Song Performance award. Although William Chan had the advantage for being in his homeground, but still lost over the raging overseas rivals. He and SIGMA were eliminated from the competition first, and even in the Best Stage Performance Award category in which he had the most confidence in, he also lost by a narrow margin of several points. In the end, Wu Qiong snatched both the Asian Super New Star Award and the Best Song Performance Award, while the Best Stage Performance award fell into the hands of The Boss.

South Korean group wins Best Stage Performance Award

William Chan admitted honestly that he was very disappointed (with the loss), but would definitely accept the defeat with good grace, and said that: "I have always wanted to win the Best Stage Performance Award, and worked really hard for the dance practice this time; I'll just have to continue working harder. Although I've lost, I really accept it. It's really an invaluable experience to be able to watch the performances by artists from different places." He explained that he was very nervous while waiting for the results to be announced on stage, but it was a real pity that he lost to The Boss by a margin of several points. William Chan said that: "I was able to experience the feelings that I felt when I participated in the rookie's competition when I was 17. At that time, I joined the competition for the sake of the Best Stage Performance as well." When asked whether he felt that his loss could be attributed to the fact that he did not activate the lightbulbs on his performance outfits in order to add to the effects of the performance, William Chan laughed and said: "If there were sparks it would be even better; I actually planned to light them up after entering the final round. But it's alright, I can still wear the outfit in the future."

SJM was the most well-received

Hong Kong representative Joey Yung took the lead by singing; other performers included Taiwan's Lollipop F, Singapore's JJ Lin, Korea's Super Junior-M (SJM), Malaysia's Fish Leong, and China's Bibi Zhou. Among them, SJM's appearance during the finale was the most well-received, causing profuse screams from the audience.

* a.k.a. Dae Guk Nam Ah (DGNA)

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Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET