SNSD's Seohyun, "The most memorable event is knitting a muffler for Yonghwa"

A day that spring flowers were swaying by wind, I met Seohyun, who is suitable for warm spring.

My first impression on her was long hair, with round, big, and black eyes. She is only 21 years old.

Seohyun in Girls' Generation, known as mature and wise member, unlike how maknaes are usually like.
Some people might question if this is manipulated character because of celebrity world which could be described as rough.
The reason why Seohyun of now exists is that she was always a hard critic on herself.

go to the same way. But I'm thankful of the fact that we're walking to the same path with same goal. So I can call unnies, 2nd family. I'm always thankful of the members because of it. (laugh)"

Besides Girls' Generation members, Seohyun had another family member past few months. He is CNBlue Jung Yonghwa, whom appeared as her husband in MBC variety program 'We got married'.

Two, who were called as 'Yongseo couple', showed teenage love story throughout the filming. Because Seohyun was relatively unknown member compared to others, it was a program that she was able to step a little closer to the fans. What does 'We got married' mean to Seohyun?

"I never had any dating experience before. But I got to date through pretend marriage. It was a fun experience and I learned some things through program that schools don't teach. Of course, there are some regrets. Because I have a personality that I don't open up my mind and approach to others, I think Yonghwa oppa had hard time. I tried hard to make him comfortable. But since I showed many good sides of me, even with few regrets, the program helped me a lot.

I asked her to pick out her most memorable moment.

"The most memorable event is knitting a muffler for Yonghwa. I think it's more meaningful to give a small present filled with sincerity than any big and fancy events.
When I get a boyfriend later, I want to hold a meaningful event like making a hand-made photobook.(laugh)"

21 year old Seohyun wants to learn more and do more things. She is currently attending Dongguk University acting major. She carefully said she has ambition in acting. She wants to change herself to variety of characters, from sonyuh character like herself, to role with action scenes.

"I want to do acting as a role of a student, which can only be done in my age range. I like a role that Moon Geunyoung took in a movie 'Little bride'. I also like historic dramas, and I think 'Hwangjinee' would be interesting. Also, I want to try taking a tough character such as spy, and female detective. For example, I want to try Kim Taehee's role in drama 'Iris'. I want to show Seohyun with many different charms that can't be found in real life."

Seohyun has real passion in things in what she does, and has another dream. Since she is a human, there are times she feels stressed. Then, she visits a park in front of her house. She said she feels the breeze while listening to music. When I asked her if people don't recognize her, she replied even though she's only wearing a cap, they don't recognize her.
She likes it that way. Girls' Generation Seohyun, who is always bright, and firm, What's her plan for the future?

"First, I'm going to focus on activities as Girl's Generation. I want to show ourselves stretching activities in Asia. When We get a chance, I want to go around many countries, and communicate with many fans closely. I think that is what I, and Girls' Generation have to do."

Translated by 오이사랑싴
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Source: Nateon