MBLAQ's "Your Luv" takes 2nd on Oricon Daily Chart

MBLAQ released their Japanese debut single, "Your Luv," on May 2nd and have entered in 2nd place in the Oricon Daily Chart. On May 5th, MBLAQ sold 9,648 units of their single. SNSD follows MBLAQ in 5th place on the Oricon Daily Chart with Jang Geuksuk in 7th place, and KARA's "Jet Coaster Love" in 11th.

To commemorate their debut single release, MBLAQ had a special stage at the Kawasaki Plaza with fans. Despite the rain, many fans gathered to watch the Korean idols perform. MBLAQ will soon be embarking on their Japanese promotions and many are looking forward to their daily and weekly rankings on music charts.

MBLAQ members said, "We want to work hard and achieve No.1 on the Oricon Charts. We hope that our song will give some hope to the damaged area in Japan."

The group will begin a nationwide promotional tour starting in Osaka on May 4th and will visit a total of 5 cities.

SOURCE: Newsen