Big Bang's 'Love & Hope' Concert Review in Josei Seven Magazine

[Don't go to Japan]
Korea’s cry is beyond
On May 10th at Osaka Hall, BIGBANG’s “Love and Hope Tour 2011″ began.
“This time, it was hard to come to Japan, but we came to keep our promise with everyone.”
With these words that V.I (20yrs) said, the venue with 20,000 fans cried with excitement and their delightfulness climbed to the peak. The venue was hyped up, some people were too touched so they even shed a tear. There is a profound reason why these words were emphasized for all 3 days. The promise that V.I talked about is when they had a tour last February, they promised “We’ll come again.” to fans.
In order to keep this promise, BIGBANG members announced the “Love and Pain Tour 2011″. The plans they originally made at that moment was that the concerts would be held in Tokyo, Yokohama and some other places but they adjusted their plans because of the eartquake which happened in the Eastern Japan on March 11th. Many people voiced out their worries about this trip because BIGBANG’s tour might have had to be cancelled.
But they said “Because Japan is having such a critical situation, we would like to give messages of encouragement and hope to those who suffered.”
They thought about the idea again and announced that the tour title would be changed from “Love and Pain” to “Love and Hope” which made their Japanese fans feel good. However, their Japanese tour was still in face of oppositions from Korea.
“They are our never-ending singers, and we can’t let BIGBANG who are Korean citizens go to Japan because of the serious condition. We want the Japan tour to be cancelled.”
About 7500 fans had voiced out their opposition to the entertainment company and their record label. The company announced that their stay would be shortened from 2 months to 2 weeks but it still could not calm the Korean fans down. Nevertheless, BIGBANG arrived on May 2nd. Leader G-Dragon said in the meeting on the first day of their tour.
“We hope that they’ll understand that it’s safe because have arrived here safely. Japan and Korea are neighbor countries, we must join hands to reconstruct the road for our future.” he said that in order to let the Korean fans to understand why they had chosen to go to Japan and he wanted to share his feelings towards Japan, too.
So, this is how the tour happened. It was a really hot evening when the time wasn’t only enjoyed by the fans but also other celebrities. Famous faces were spotted, from idols to comedians, such as AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko (19yrs old ) and Shinoda Mariko (25yrs old), Mizuhara Kiko (20yrs old), Katou Miriya (22yrs old), Sasaki Nozomi (23yrs old), Aoyama Thelma (23yrs old), Imada (45yrs old), ORIENTAL RADIO’s Fujimoto (28yrs old), TANPOPO, and V6. About the audience and the stages in the performances,we can say it was the best and was avid as a flashy lake, the good parts are as the following…
[FIRST DAY] The concert started with a shocking performance of G-Dragon smashing a guitar. The venue looked like a dance floor since there was a swamp of people holding their penlights.
TOP (23yrs) said in front of the crowd of hyper fans, “Osaka was hot but TOKYO is also hot!”. SOL said that G-Dragon hurt his foot at the Osaka concert, then G-Dragon said “It hurts a bit, but I’m alright!”.
The maknae, V.I said “Today, it’s friday the 13th. Isn’t it scary?” for some reasons. Because he was kind of annoying, SOL grabbed his neck and led him to the exit. And by seeing this scene, everyone laughed a lot.
TOP joked next. After G-Dragon cooly said “Let’s move to the next song, CAFE.”, TOP asked “Is there any ice coffee?” which made the venue hyped up even more.

[SECOND DAY]V.I’s new impersonation for this tour is revealed.
“It’s alright in Disneyland! It’s called Mickey? I’m Mickey too! Dodosuko suko suko LOVE chu nyu♥”
To be honest, V.I’s impersonation didn’t look much like that of Tanoshingo. After watching his impersonation, the other members just smiled awkwardly. But only D-LITE (22yrs) said “Amazing! That was good!” with a grin.
D-LITE who teased V.I, was then totally obsessed in the world of his solo song afterwards and he has displayed how beautiful his voice is to the audience. There were fans who were crying because of his touching performance. SOL, who also sang his solo songs took off his jacket in the middle of his performance and wore a tank top only. It was stunning and it made the venue heated up even more.
[THIRD DAY]For three days, G-Dragon kept enduring his injury and showed us his great performance but he has worsened his injury by all of these; therefore,in the encore stage, he could barely walk.
V.I who was teased the day before, took a segway on stage for G-Dragon. Then G-Dragon sat on it and continued his performance. The brotherly love that we can find in this group is probably one of their charms.
When they were performing their last song, TOP shouted “Tokyo, Don’t Cry!”, and SOL also said “Our concerts have come to an end today. We are sad about it, too. But we’ll meet again.”.
“When you reach home, please call me because I’m worried.” V.I joked until the end and therefore, G-Dragon hit his head with his fist. We have listened to the best songs and laughed to the ultmost level in ”Love & Hope” .We felt the love and hope because the five members were there.

Scanned and translated by: Rashel @ ibigbang