[Jap Mag] "CUTiE" June issue

Jap-Kor trans by 진로 @ whattimeisitnow.net | Kor-Eng: @rangkat |
Scans by simseol | Posted by 2pmalways.com

1. Describe your personality in one sentence.
2. Do you want to be born as a man or a woman in your next life?
3. How much do you study Japanese?
4. Favorite Korean food.
5. Choose one: ramen, kyudon or sushi?
6. Beauty know-how at home
7. Behavior of other members you can't stand.
8. Do you eat the food you like right away or save it for later?
9. If you were given a week of vacation, what would you like to do?
10. Compare yourself to an animal.
11. What would you be doing now if you didn't become a member of 2PM?
12. When did you had your first crush?
13. Do you consider yourself a possessive type?
14. Definition of cheating.
15. Have you ever been dumped?
16. What kind of a father do you want to be?
17. About "Take Off".
18. Message to the readers!


1. I enjoy my life.
2. A man. I'd like to live as a male once more, using the experience I've had in this life as guidance.
4. Teokbokki
5. Sushi. Ootoro is the best!
6. Double-cleansing.
8. Right away.
9. I'd like to go to Switzerland, the country I've always admired since I was little.
10. Panda
11. A writer. I've won a few prizes for my writing when I was younger.
12. Back in the 2nd grade in elementary school. Since it was a one-sided love, I kept writing love-letters to her. These days, I'm attracted to women with pretty eyes and smile. I like women with confidence.
13. I'm not possessive and I don't want my partner to be like that either.
14. Being attracted to another person of the opposite sex, while you're already in a relationship with someone else. But I believe the one who provides the cause to such attraction is just as bad.
15. No.
16. Since my parents were strict with me, I want to be a liberal parent to my kids. I hope I'd be able to give them helpful pieces of advice drawn from my own experience.
17. It's easy for our fans to sing along and follow the choreography, so keep this in mind and have fun with us when it comes on live.
18. Dear fans, thank you for your affection. Us 2PM have set our goal to become "TopPM" in Japan, so please continue supporting us.


1. I think I'm cordial to others.
2. Man.
4. Korean miso soup.
5. Ramen.
6. Rinse your face with cold water for about 20 times a day for a taut skin.
8. Right away - or else, it'll go stale soon. LOL
9. Being a Busan native, I'd like to spend time with my family in Busan.
10. Fish
11. A student
12. When I was in a 3rd grade, elementary school. I believe the attraction was mutual, but neither had the courage to confess and in the end, she moved to another school. Nowadays, I like someone who understands my professional life.
13. Not really.
14. Showing interest to another person of the opposite sex when you already have someone. I also consider exchanging phone-numbers cheating.
15. No.
16. I hope to tell my kids what I've learned from various types of experience. But they might take my concern and pieces of advice as mere nagging. LOL
17. Pronouncing Japanese lyrics was difficult, but it is a song that makes you happy. Please listen to Take Off!
18. We are very excited about our first single release in Japan and being able to perform in Japan. We'd like to show our excitement on stage. Please look forward to it.


1. Manly.
2. Man. Since women look weird with bulging muscles. LOL
4. Samgyeopsal
5. Sushi
6. Cleansing thoroughly, and using mask packs occasionally.
7. It's hard to wake Junsu up in the morning.
11. I might have gone to college or become a cook. Although I don't cook much nowadays, I like cooking. Pasta is my specialty, even though I've never made one for other 2PM members. LOL
12. Eight years ago - she was six years my senior.
13. It depends on the situation, but I rather my partner didn't go to a dance club or have a drink with other men late at night .
14. Holding hands, hugging or having skinship with another guy.
15. Not yet. But, since I've had a number of long-distance relationships, I'd often grow distant with my partners.
16. I want to give my children everything I can - at the risk of becoming an overprotective parent.
17. Consider it as our name card made for the Japan debut. The lyrics are easy to follow, so I hope to see you fans sing it along with us on the nationwide tour starting from this month.
18. We are debuting in Japan. Please cheer for us. CUTiE readers, have a great day!


1. I'm optimistic and gentle.
2. Man, no doubt. Because I'm happy with the life I have now.
3. Shooting "Dream High" has deterred my progress in Japanese. I'm focusing on everyday conversation now.
4. Wild sesame sujebi
5. Ramen
7. I won't give away the name, but I wish he didn't use the bathroom for so long. LOL
8. Right away.
9. I want to go to Saipan.
10. Cat. 'Cuz cats sleep a lot.
12. About five years ago. However, the more I got to know her, the more my heart grew distant from her. I still firmly believe in the 'personality over appearance.' I'm attracted to women who are hard working and care for their parents.
13. Not so much. As long as I have faith in someone, I can trust her wherever she is.
14. If her feelings for another man have grown stronger than her feelings for me.
15. A lot. *sobs*
16. I want to respect what my children do. However, if I had a daughter, I might keep close watch on her to keep bad bugs away from her. LOL
17. We've sang a lot of songs with sad lyrics so far, but this time we've chosen a very upbeat song. The choreography is easy to remember so dance with us to the song.
18. First of all, listen to Take Off. And then, we'd like to show you an upgraded version of 2PM on the nationwide tour.


1. Quick to sort information out.
2. Woman. Since I'm a guy now, I want to experience a different life. I'd like to go to a women's public bath..just kidding. LOL
4. General Korean home-cuisine such as jjigae.
5. Chicken sashimi. I've never had it before in Korea and it was a fresh experience.
6. Thorough cleansing is important since I have a delicate skin.
7. We've known each other for a long time, so I haven't got much to complain about.
9. Go somewhere where no one knows me.
10. Golden retriever
11. A sportsman. I'm good at kendo.
12. In middle school. She used to learn taekwondo with me.
13. I don't like to be possessive. I'd like to keep adequate distance with her to keep things in balance.
14. If you're going by nicknames with another guy, that's already cheating.
15. All the time. LOL
16. I want to let my kids do what they want to do with their lives.
17. Pay attention to the chorus where we all sing together. Plus, please enjoy the meaning of the lyrics.
18. We'll work hard in Japan. We'll try our best to meet our fans' expectations so please cheer for us.


1. For instance, fiery character.
2. Woman - since I've never been one.
3. I study with a Japanese instructor.
4. Seaweed soup and bibimbap
5. Noodle-type dishes like ramen. I liked the Okinawa soba!
6. Applying toner after cleansing for moisturizing.
8. Right away.
9. As an animal lover, I'd love to go to Hokkaido.
10. Cat
11. Playing sports. I used to play soccer, baseball and swimming.
12. 3rd grade in middle school. She confessed first, but for some reason it didn't work out. I may have been too nice, or too inconsiderate...I don't know. I like someone who knows how to stick up to her mind and show consideration for other people.
13. Since I trust my partner, I don't act possessive towards her.
14. When you feel guilty while you're hanging out with another guy.
16. Jay-Z and Beyonce are my model couple. LOL I'd like to be generous to my kids. If they were to grow up like me, perfect! LOL
17. We sang it from our hearts so I hope our message reaches you.
18. We're looking forward to the nationwide tour. I hope you can feel us. Please come have fun with us.