BEAST's Son Dong Woon's father publishes 'Letters To My Son'

Professor Son Il Rak, the father of Beast member Son Dongwoon published a book titled ‘Letters To My Son’. Recently during a media interview, Professor Son said, ‘ I published a book called Letters To My Son, its content is about living skills for the future and how to live in harmony with the other members.’
He also wrote in the prologue of the book about the reasons for this creation. ‘It is the anxiety of parents who hope that their child can become artists. Everytime the child whom we diligently brought up goes to the company, we give him lots of encouragement, but we regret not having the courage to nag him.’ He added, ‘ This book of encouragement and support was not written for my son alone, and it is also not because my son’s group has outstanding ability. It is for the group members who are friends that stand by each other through every failure and challenge.”
Meanwhile, Dongwoon is busy preparing for the release of Beast’s next album.
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