BEAST's Yoseob ''I want to sing a remake of the The Deep Night Flies''

‘I want to sing a remake of the The Deep Night Flies during a concert.’
Beast’s Yoseob revealed his thoughts on taking on the challenge of being in a musical during the press conference for ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ at the Sejong Center in Seoul on the 21st of March.
Yoseob said, ” I felt very nervous and worried when I joined the musical. In order to avoid destroying these precious classic songs at such a large venue, I didn’t think much about it and just paid my full attention to singing them. I hope everyone will understand.”
He stated, ” The moment the songs played, I felt wobbly on my feet. He also expressed his ambition, “I was so nervous that I reached a stage where I couldn’t remember my lines and how I was supposed to act. After performing many times repeatedly, I hope to work hard and become a better actor.”
Yoseob also said, ” It would have been great if I had been able to sing a happy sounding remake of composer Lee Young Hoon’s song The Deep Night Flies during Beast’s encore concert. “, thus expressing his liking for the song.

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