ASIA TOUR Schedule Change


ASIA TOUR & New Album Here I Am Schedule Change
Due to the effect of earthquake & sea-rising in Tohoku Chihou Taihei, ZE:A ASIA TOUR was postponed but following the schedule a change of the performance has been made. A portion of the earning from ASIA TOUR performances will be donated for reconstruction of the victim areas.
Following the schedule’s change, we have also asked everyone, it is hard to adjust but since everyone are urging to know, we are progressing with it.

【Schedule Change of The Performance】
●ASIA TOUR Yokohama Concert

Date: 4 May 2011 (Wed)
Noon Show Opening 14:00/Performance 15:00
Night Show Opening 18:00/Performance 15:00
Assembly Hall: Pacific Yokohama National Hotel

●ASIA TOUR Osaka Concert 
Date: 13 May 2011 (Fri)
Noon Show Opening 14:00/Performance 15:00
Night Show Opening 18:00/Performance 19:00
Assembly Hall: NHK Osaka Hall (specification ticket)
The place has changed from the original plan in ZEPP Osaka to NHK Osaka Hal. Please be careful about it!

* to receive exchange for the reserved seat from the standing seat, on the appointed day ticket number holder please queue for quick number turn at the assembly hall. We will exchange the ticket with the new seat number.

Now for those who have the ticket, please bring it carefully until the performance date as it’s available to change performance. In addition, if the guest can’t attend, they will receive repayment.
For more information on how to refund and re-sale of tickets, we will upload the guide on 25th so please wait for a while.

●New album 「Here I am」 Promotion Performance Schedule
Date: May 23 (Mon)
Place: Pacific Yokohama Anex Hall
The cancellation of the album previous pre-order etc, the detail of it will be announced in 28th.

Furthermore, for the people who reside in the victim area will get special handling separately, so please be relief.

*For guests whose ticket haven’t arrived yet
We have sending the tickets but regarding for those in Tohoku area, our company has received the tickets again. For each district except Iwate & Miyagi Prefecture, we’ve reviewed that from a few days ago the delivery was accepted, it’s fixed that we will return it in 25th. Please wait as we’re corresponding to all guests now.

Regarding to the guest who reside in Iwate Prefecture & Miyagi Prefecture that haven’t get the ticket, our company is keeping (the data), you will be contacted through mail separately.
Furthermore, if in any condition the tickets haven’t arrived to the guests, please leave a question through e-mail in, we will contact you separately in 25th. Please take a certain notice.
Thank you for the understanding.

Until the reunion day with ZE:A on May, We hope that everyone even though a little can live the days with food and happiness.

Source: ZE:A Official Japanese Website
Translation: fetishoney @ EmpireChildren