Big Bang’s stylists reveals the member with sexiest body!

Big Bang’s stylist recently revealed 2 insights concerning the members of popular idol group. They were, “The member who spends the most money on clothes,” and “The member who has the sexiest body.”

On March 24th, OnStyle’s “Style Magazine” will showcase the members of Big Bang in a photo shoot.

The members were told to express the image of a rock band as they were enjoying a secret party at a hotel after finishing their schedule. This photo shoot shocked many of the staff. Instead of showing the charismatic side, like they do on stage, they showed a beastly side of them where they emitted their sexiness.

The producer of this photo shoot, Yoo Jihee, said, “We are currently planning an event where the viewers will have a chance to win an album that contains the autographs of all the members of Big Bang. The viewers will have to take a picture of Big Bang’s face on the day this episode airs and all they have to do is upload it to Style Magazine’s homepage.”

The episode will be aired through OnStyle on the 24th at 11 P.M.

source: koreaboo via ibigbang
translated: alee@ibigbangC:bigbangupdates