Recording of "Big Bang Show" in the March 2011, Inkigayo Magazine

Finally returning to Korean showbiz with their 4th mini album ‘Tonight’, BIGBANG has shown us their recording scenes from "The BIGBANG SHOW".
The photos show different scenes from ‘The BIGBANG SHOW’ and have been printed in the 3rd issue of Inkigayo Magazine. The greetings of BIGBANG to the fans can also be found there. Seungri greeted the fans who came and waited for them in such a cold weather, "I am really grateful for you have come even at such a late hour." TOP tried to make a joke with the fans, "We are older than you , right?" G-Dragon also greeted with a trace of cuteness, "since you have been waiting us for so long, please don’t be hesitated to show us your support and love." On that day, the members shared the words from deep inside their hearts with the fans and at the same time, they laughed a lot.
G-Dragon laughed happily when he heard Seungri’s imitation of the others’ voice. That, together with him biting his lips, and making the ‘OK’ signals to the filming crew were all captured by the cameras. And of course, the scene where he and Seungri tried to play with the flower baskets before the show has also been filmed is there. They have not met with their fans for such a long time that they had poured themselves into the show even during the rehearsal. TOP was so devoted to his performance that he did not even notice that his tie had fallen off and maknae then had to put it on for him very carefully. We can tell how deep the group's relationship is.
Moreover, the pictures of "2010 BIGSHOW 3D" Preview in which some of the members had put on a mask and those photos of the exciting ‘2011 BIGSHOW’ are all compiled in the 3rd issue of Inkigayo magazine. SBS Inkigayo magazine are available for free distribution at the SBS broadcasting center, SBS hall and the sponsor companies.
Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated: Rice @bigbangupdates