Kim Hyun-joong wears sexy fishnet outfit and dances Secret's "baby gorilla" dance

Kim Hyun-joong drew attention with his sexy outfit.
Kim Hyun-joong sang "Break Down" on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" on the 24th of June.
He wore a fishnet outfit while slightly revealed his inside skin. He was manly and sexy at the same time.
After receiving the award for first place, he danced Secret's 'baby gorilla' dance in his fishnet attire. However, the gorilla dance wasn't as cute as Secret's but more like Kim Hyun-joong style.
Meanwhile, group 2PM returned with their second album on "Music Bank". RaNia also appeared on stage even though she had hurt herself in the previous recording stage. Also, after Kim Hyun-joong came Secret, F(X), A Pink and more.
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