Nichkhun "I Want to Continue Marriage Life with Victoria"

2PM Nichkhun made it clear he intends to continue his fake marriage life with f(x) Victoria.

In a recent interview held at Banyan Tree Resort and Spa in Seoul in commemoration of their impending comeback, Nichkhun stated, "I have no plans to leave 'We Got Married,'" and added, "I want to keep doing my best with my fake married life." With Nichkhun's comeback being close, in answer to if he had any plans to discontinue "We Got Married" since the two of them are busy with activities, he answered, "I haven't yet thought it through completely," and boasted his affection when he continued, "I will continue my fake married life with Victoria."

With 2PM making their comeback with "Hands Up," their activities will happen to overlap those of f(x) who are currently continuing promotions with their follow-up track "Hot Summer." Regarding this, Nichkhun stated with a big smile: "Since we'll be promoting at the same time we can see each other in the waiting rooms and be able to freely greet each other at the broadcast stations. I'm really looking forward to it." 2PM will be making a comeback to the world of music after nearly 8 months with their new song "Hands Up." It's different from 2PM's pre-existing break up songs they've had as "Hands Up" is a fun dance track featuring repetitious lyrics and an addictive melody.

In other news, 2PM will have their first official stage appearance for their 2nd album today (June 24th) on KBS2 TV's "Music Bank."

Source: Innolife
Translated by: dawnjelly @