Jung Yong Hwa OVER Lee Hong Ki...REALLY?

BEAST Lee Kikwang and FT Island Lee Hongki were completely shutdown by their blinddate.

On 'MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers' aired on January 30th, idol Lee Kikwang and Lee Hongki went out on avatar blinddate.

Lee Kikwang asked the blinddate, which celebrity is her favorite. Lee Kikwang smiled when she answered she likes BEAST the most, and Park Hwee Soon praised Lee Kikwang by saying "BEAST is the hot topic." But Lee Kikwang's heart sank when the date carefully said "But I like Yoon Doo Joon."

Lee Kikwang followed his masters' order and asked "Who would you choose between Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doo Joon?" Then the blinddate shut down Lee Kikwang again by saying "Honestly, Yoon Doo Joon."

Lee Hongki also asked the girl who she likes better between himself and Jung Yong Hwa. But Lee Hongki was also shut down when she answered "I really like Jung Yong Hwa." 'Hot Brothers' membered laughed at how two idol stars got embarrassed.

Following Park Hwee Soon's order, Lee Kikwang suggested the girl to turn off the cameras and exchange contact information. After some consideration, the date agreed. But when Lee Kikwang asked her "then what about Doo Joon.." she said "I'll first get your contact information and then..." and thus revealed her original intention. This made everyone on the set laugh out loud.