Happy Birthday to Kyuhyun, Jia and Kim Joon!

According to Seoul's timing, its already 3rd of February now, which means its Lunar New Year! So Happy Lunar New Year to all of our readers!

Not only is it Lunar New Year, its also Super Junior's Kyuhyun, Miss A's Jia and T-Max's Kim Joon's Birthday today! Comment your wishes to them here and do leave a message to them if they have Twitter.

If you are interested in finding out which K-POP stars' birthday falls in the month of February, do check out "DKP Birthday" post by clicking the words in bold.

Super Junior- Kyuhyun (88)

Miss A- Jia (89)

T-Max- Kim Joon (84)

Happy Birthday to all 3 of them and Happy Lunar New Year to all of our readers! 

Credits: Daily K Pop News updates