What are the foreign idols doing over the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year holiday is almost here, and idols are slowly wrapping up their activities to return home for a brief break with their families. Unfortunately for most of the foreign members, they don’t have family members close by for a quick visit home.
2PM’s Nichkhun will enjoy a schedule-free Lunar New Year’s. A representative of JYP Entertainment “He’ll be enjoying the only day out of his year where he doesn’t have a schedule. Although Wooyoung and Taecyeon will be filming for “Dream High” during the break, they’ll be staying home, so Nichkhun will have the entire dorm to himself.” revealed,
Unfortunately, Nichkhun may not be able to call up his fellow foreign idol and virtual wife, f(x)’s Victoria, as she has one broadcast scheduled for February 3rd. And what about Amber, f(x)’s other ‘foreign idol’? SM Entertainment revealed, “She’ll be spending it with the SM staff members, as well as taking personal time off and rehearsing on her own.”
miss A’s two Chinese members, Fei and Jia, will be heading back to China.  A JYPE representative revealed, “The holiday is an important one to the Chinese, and miss A is currently in-between their official schedules, so they’ll be able to take time off and visit their homes.”
HAM’s Chinese member, Gayeon, will be celebrating in Korea with her mother.  Due to the group’s impending February comeback, representatives from her agency revealed that she doesn’t have the time to fly back home.
U-KISSAlexander also won’t be able to head back to Hong Kong for the holiday. A representative stated, “He’ll be spending the holiday with his aunt in Korea.”
Although it looks like the majority of the idols won’t be able to spend time with their families, we’re sure that they’ll still enjoy the brief respite from their hectic schedules.

Credits: Daily K Pop News updates