2pm interview from More Magazine

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways
Main Interview Jap-Kor: 누네상스 블루멜로우
- 2PM are popular as beastly idols not only in Korea, but in other Asian countries. Are they beastly in real-life as well?

When Junho is very concentrated while dancing, singing or composing, he’s like a real beast on a hunt. Haha.
Junho: When I play games too. Right now the game called “Civilization” is popular among the members. It’s a really good stress reliever! In case of Taecyeonie-hyung, he’s responsible for beastly visuals. He’s very charismatic. And also very beastly when he eats. Haha.
Taecyeon: Because I eat a lot and fast!
Chansung: I’m beastly when I’m exercising.
Wooyoung: As for me, it’s when I’m rehearsing hip-hop dance alone in front of the mirror.
Nichkhun: I might have a cute image in the eyes of the fans, but… surprisingly I have a very manly side too! Really. (laughs)
Junsu: By default, all of the members become beasts when they do something they like or when they are on stage. But other than that, especially in privacy we are very delicate. Like rabbits. (laughs)

- Up till now all 6 members of 2PM have been living together. We’ve heard you have moved to another house recently?
Wooyoung: I finally have a room of my own which I have craved for so much.
Nichkhun: It’s a two-storey house.
Junho: However, Taecyeonie-hyung has been so busy filming for “Dream High”, he hasn’t settled down in his room yet.
Junsu: Chansung is a bit weird. Because when he said that he’s ok with sleeping in the living-room, it got us worried – he’s simply erected a wall in the middle of the living room, making it into a room for himself! As a result, he’s now a member with the biggest room (laugh).
Taecyeon: But isn’t that cool?
Junsu: He’s smart!
Chansung: But since we’ve left for Japan before the clean-up, there are still cardboards lying around (laughs).
Junsu: The best part about having a room for yourself, is that you can hang your clothes freely around the room.
Wooyoung: Right now I’m really absorbed into what we should do with the interior. I want to make it look good and easy to use.
Taecyeon: I’m fine with any place as long as I can sleep and eat well.

- On top of that, a full-scale debut in Japan! Do you have anything to promise us about the future?

First, we need to master the Japanese language.
Junho: I promise to build a beast-like body.
Nichkhun: Apart from the beastly appearance, I’d like show a different side of us as well.
Taecyeon: I want to meet Japanese fans on a huge stage. Somewhere like Tokyo Dome!
Junho: Also (lowers down his head) reaching No. 1… on Oricon charts…
Taecyeon: We do want that!
Junho: We’re going to try!
Junsu: And work hard!!

Couple Interview
Jap-Kor: 왓탐 번역노예팀 (진로&맥)

Taecyeon: Junsu has a really beautiful voice.
Junsu: Taecyeon is very manly. He’s good at rapping at acting. He’s very cheerful and always brightens up the atmosphere. However, aren’t you a bit tired lately? He wishes to have more sleep!
Taecyeon: (laughs out loud) Junsu probably also has a comedian talent. He started to show that side of his on TV as well recently. I wonder if the acute fans noticed that?
Junsu: Huhuhu (laughs). Taecyeon is a real beast on stage, but normally he’s very cute and laughs so much, it would be easy to label him as the maknae of the team. It’s surprising.
Taecyeon: When we used to share a room together, watching Junsu compose before going to sleep had been my habit.
Junsu: But now we live in different rooms, kkk. It’s a bit lonely!


Wooyoung: Khun-hyung never points out the faults in other people. He’s very considerate of the members and the staff, because he has great manners. For example, if there's some kind of make-up failure, he lends his help without saying a word, and things like that…
Nichkhun: (claps in silence)
Wooyoung: I also like it that he goes to sleep early. He’s easy to be with.
Nichkhun: Wooyoung is a very considerate dongsaeng. Since I’m the type to go to sleep and wake up early, he makes sure that it’s not noisy at home. I also like it that he uses shower neatly (laughs).
Wooyoung: Now it’s kind of hard, because we’re busy, but we used to go shopping together.
Nichkhun: We used to eat out together, and go to bookstores… now I want to embark on a journey one day with all of the members together! Somewhere to the seaside!
Wooyoung: I want to go skiing. In winter!
Chansung: What kind of person is Junsu Junho? Umm… It’s hard.
Junho: Hurry uuuup (laughs)
Chansung: Since he’s very smart, he’s the type of a person to think thoroughly about anything. I respect him, because he has a great power of determination. (steals a glance at Junho)… And his weakness…
Junho: You can say it, it’s ok lol
Chansung: Really? We’re always like that together (laughs). If I had to pick one weakness, I guess he has an impatient nature?
Junho: That’s true. I also think like that (laughs out loud). Chansung has nothing to fix! I could only think of a whole bunch of good points (laughs). The way I see it, he loves 2PM a lot, and always thinks about the group. He’s also very sensitive. A friend one can trust. And also very manly!