Infinite Conquers Online Music Charts With "Be Mine"

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Idol group Infinite is sweeping online music charts.

Infinite ranked first on the Hanteo chart and other online music charts with the release of their first full length album and title track "Be Mine" on the 21st.

Infinite is gathering a lot of attention because they have risen past many other idol groups who have released albums at the same time.

Critic No Junyoung said, "Infinite is making 'Infinite-style' music stand out and they are securing their place in the music industry with their specialty music and performance," and, "Now, they are securing their place with record sales. Infinite will go down in K-pop history."

Netizens who heard the album said, "Let's win with this album!" "It's the best," and, "I'm more impressed the more I listen to it."

Meanwhile, Infinite will start their full schedule with MBC's Music Core on the 23rd.