After School partners with ‘Coupang’

Girl group After School has partnered up with social commerce site ‘Coupang‘ to sell their new albums.
Coupang has provided many services in the past, but mainly sold discounted items; this venture with After School, however, marks the site’s first time selling albums. The girls’ fourth single albums (under subunits  AS RED and AS BLUE) will be sold at a discounted price of 40%.
These album sales will last just two days, from July 21st to the 22nd. There will be 100 randomly autographed albums for purchase, and an event is being planned where fans will get to take photos with the members.
Netizens wrote, “40% discount? I need to buy it right away”, “After School always has new breakthrough ideas”, and “I’m really looking forward to the Blue/Red unit promotions”.
After they conclude their subunit promotions, the group will debut in Japan on August 17th.
Source: Economy Today via Nate