'Immortal Song 2', Jaybum,Heogak and Kyuhyun Join as New Members

[TRANS/NEWS] 'Immortal Song 2', Jaybum-Heogak-Kyuhyun Joins as New Members

[OSEN= Jang ChangHwan Intern Reporter] KBS 2TV 's new members were confirmed.

Immortal Song 2's Director Kwon updated on his twitter today afternoon saying "Starting again. Hyorin, G.O, Jiyoon, Kyuhyun, Jaybum, Heogak. Let have fun".

Director Kwon, on the phone with OSEN, said "I was pretty sure that Jaybum's perfomance and singing can show the best." Also, he said "Kyuhyun, as known well, is the main vocal in Super Junior and that is why we casted him."

Director Kwon also said, "Heogak is a singer that all Koreans like. He can possibly be a motivation to the other idols," as a reason for the casting.

Immortal Song 2, starting over with new members, will be shoot on the 25th and broadcasted on August 6th.

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