Kara appeared on the U.S business news “Korean companies’ prices is on the rise due to K-pop”

Kara is attracting attention in the midst of rising prices of Korean home appliances due to the Korean Wave.
According to the famous business news Bloomberg, the korean manufacturers are winning over some Japanese consumers.
Many Japanese consumers used to feel reluctant about buying products made in neighboring South Korea, but K-pop turned the game around.
Bloomberg posted the picture of the girl group Kara with this article. LG hired KARA, a female Korean dance and music group, to appear in advertisements in Japan for its Optimus smartphones because they are popular among young women, whom they are targeting.
Bloomberg speculated that this phenomenon was due to a sense of kinship that the consumer feels which leads them to buy the product when the music group whom they favor advertises or uses that product.
Bloomberg is a company established in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg in New York, and is a trusted company in analyzing financial markets, and economies.
Source: Moneytoday from Nate
Translated by ilnungcha@KOREA.COM