CNBLUE Will Not Be Performing in Incheon Korean Music Wave

혼란을 드리고 있어 이에 대해 안내 해 드립니다.
8월 13일 인천 코리안 뮤직 웨이브 2011은
CNBLUE는 출연하지 않습니다.
CNBLUE의 BOICE 여러분들의 혼동 없으시길 바라겠습니다.
This is FNC MUSIC Fanclub Representative.
CNBLUE was listed as one of the line ups for the upcoming Incheon Korean Music 2011 on August 13.
Many fans are confused about that news so this is to inform all of you that CNBLUE will not be performing in the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011 on August 13.
To CNBLUE’s BOICE, we are sorry for the confusion.
Thank you.
Translated by: F @ cnbluestorm