miss A shares fun selcas from their waiting room

The girls are back, and with their sexiest image to date! Sports Korea went behind-the-scenes for miss A’s first comeback stage with “Good Bye Baby“, a song that’s sure to become a hit with strong, independent women everywhere.
Backstage, the girls created a lively atmosphere, as seen by their  ’A Class’-level selcas. Check out the photos below!

# Who’s the best?

To immortalize this memory of their comeback stage, the girls gathered in front of the camera. They all look playful and excited, and no trace of nervousness can be seen in their faces.
# Energized with a comeback cake!

The girls receive a thoughtful cake from their fans that’s almost too beautiful to eat. It’s almost as if the fans managed to transmit all their energy, as the girl are looking as bright as ever.
# Suzy’s capable of infinite changes

From cute to lovely, Suzy has a variety of facial expressions for the camera. Sometimes she’ll go for an expression she considers cute, or perhaps she’ll opt for something that’s almost cringe-worthy. Thanks to her acting experience, she’s capable of infinite changes.
# Bizarre Min professor!

Min transformed the waiting room into an ocean of laughter when she busted out this pose, which she explained her attempt at modelling a sexy S-line figure while maintaining her cute charms. Her facial expression looks as if she’s challenging you to go ahead and copy it.
# We’re ‘A’ ladies
Jia shows off the letter ‘A’ drawn on her nails. The letter is an especially meaningful one for the girls, as it represents their dream of becoming ‘A Class’, as well as the best girl group in Asia. The girls are definitely living up to their dream, as they’re well on their way to become the ace of their label.
# Are you Kim Ah Joong?

Fei’s sel-ca is resonating with her aura, but it gives the feel of a familiar face. With a beautiful smile and luscious hair, she resembles actress Kim Ah Joong here, no?  Are you really not Kim Ah Joong?
Source: Sports Hankooki