Onscreen Style: T-ara ‘Roly Poly’

Recently, T-ara has been showing off their disco moves to their new tune ‘Roly Poly‘. Along with the choreography and song, their fashion has also been showing us their retro style. Their outfits consist of bright colors, polka dots, bell bottoms, platforms shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of from the retro era.

In all honesty, I’m a fan of T-ara but they should refrain from the gimmicky concepts (‘Yayaya‘ anyone?). Their ‘Roly Poly’ stages and music video look like a buffet of bad fashion. Sure, they tried the unified outfits in their comeback stage, but those outfits missed the mark and were just not that appealing. In their usual outfits, shown above, it looks like they made a list of everything and anything retro and then combined them together to create this concept. Some of their usual clothing pieces look like they literally grabbed it from the 70s. No doubt, some pieces are cute, but the entire canvas is just too overwhelming. Visually, the concept would have been much better if they focused on just a few retro aspects and modernized it to a cohesive style. Instead, it feels like we’ve just been slapped across the face with their swift disco moves.

Also worth mentioning is their recent gym clothes performance on MBC’s ‘Music Core‘. Although a bit odd, I have to give credit to the girls for catching the audience’s attention in a unique way. It was an amusing special version of ‘Roly Poly’.
All in all, T-ara sure knows how to grab people’s attention, but is it always in a good way?