ZE:A’s Dongjun is a big fan of Hwanhee?

ZE:A’s Dongjun sent a little present towards senior artist, Hwanhee for his latest comeback after taking an extended year long break.
Dongjun had sent in a garland of flowers along with a heartfelt message to Hwanhee saying, “Hwanhee hyung! ‘I’m going to die because of you’!” and “Heart for U Dongjun“. Hwanhee recently made a comeback through Music Bank on July 29th.
Netizens who saw Dongjun’s confession towards Hwanhee commented, “It’s surprising that Hwanhee and Dongjun are close” and “Now that you mention it, they do kind of look alike“.
An associate from ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, claimed, “Dongjun had referred to ‘Hwanhee sunbaenim’ as his role model even before his debut. Recently, Dongjun got the chance to see Hwanhee and since that meeting they have continued their good relationship. Hwanhee also takes care of Dongjun like his own brother and gives him vocalization techniques and other tips / advice that Hwanhee had learned throughout his career“.
Hwanhee also stated, “I feel like I’m looking at the younger version of myself. He looks his best when trying his best” showing his affection towards Dongjun as a close younger brother in the music industry.
Meanwhile, Hwanhee released his official album, ‘HWANHEE‘ on July 29th and is revealing the title song, ‘I feel like dying‘ through KBS Music Bank. In addition, ZE:A, idol group Dongjun is a part of, is continuing their activities with their double title song, “Heart for 2” which they are creating a special single with called, ‘Exciting‘.
Source & Photo: Kmomnews via Nate