Infinite's Sungjong knows G.NA's vital stats!

Infinite's Sungjong created an embarrassing situation by revealing he knows singer G.Na's body size.

On "Life or Death 1%" on cable E Channel, Sungjong attracted attention when he accurately answered a question about G.Na's body size.

MC Kim Gura posed the question, "The singer with a height of 168, weight of 47kg, size 44 with a D cup chest is.." and Sungjong scarily shouted the correct answer "G.Na."

After Sungjong guessed it correctly, the other members became suspicious and asked, "You are so young, how you do you know G.Na's chest size?" To this, Sungjong explained, "She's a close nuna, so I knew that," causing them to question him even more. The show will air on the 21st.