Infinite's Japan Showcase in Front of 1000 Female Fans

Idol group Infinite charmed their fans and successfully completed their first Japan Showcase.

Infinite showed that they are the next generation Hallyu Star while spending time with 1000 enthusiastic female fans at their showcase on the 17th at Nanba8 in Osaka.

That day, Infinite the "group dance terminators" flowed with manliness and their choreography brought out a warm reaction. They showed a powerful and charismatic stage with their debut single "TO-RA-WA," "BTD," and "She's Back."

They had a conversation time with fans and the members answered each question with wholehearted sincerity. They finished the showcase by giving high-fives to the fans.

People who attended highly praised them, saying, "Infinite captured the hearts of their Japanese fans by doing everything perfectly from the music, choreography, clothes, and even the stage construction."

Infinite, who successfully completed their Osaka showcase, will have their 2nd showcase on the 19th in Tokyo at Zepp. Following that, they will release their 1st full length album on the 21st while continuing their overseas schedules.