Secret to hold a special handshake event in Japan

Secret will be holding a handshake event in August and anyone who purchases the First Press Limited Edition version of their single “Madonna” will get a ticket to their handshake event.

[Event Details]
Date: August 6, 2011
Time: 17:00 (5pm)
Venue: Theatre G-Rosso
Event Type: Handshake Event

To participate in the event you will need to purchase Secret’s “Madonna” (released on August 3rd) and inside you will find an “event participation ticket”. On the day of the event, take your ticket to the venue and exchange it for a numbered ticket for the handshake event.

2011/08/03 Release Secret’s “Madonna”
- First Press Limited Edition [CD+DVD] A (AICL-2277~78)1,800 yen (~23 USD)
- First Press Limited Edition [CD+DVD] B (AICL-2279~80)1,800 yen (~23 USD)
- First Press Limited Edition [CD] (AICL-2281)1,200 yen (~15 USD)

You can only exchange your tickets from 14:00~16:00 (2pm~4pm) on the day of the event at a booth next to Theatre G-Rosso.

Further details on the event will be released at a later date.

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