MBLAQ "We sound better with MR removed....confidence in live."

"Now, it's time for us to be a big hit."

MBLAQ's determination was different from others. It's been two years since the world star Rain made this 5-member group. Although they've continue to grow in skills, they've acknowledged the fact that they've had no real hit songs. However, MBLAQ is prepared to properly show their musicality in this latter half of the year.

With the determination to make their song "Mona Lisa" into a nation-wide hit song, they've prepared a concert, and have succeeded in grabbing number one on the Oricon chart in Japan. Even so, their promotion cycle is full of busy schedules.

"We've judged that there are no hit songs yet among our MBLAQ songs. In order to make a big hit of a song this time around, we've put a simple melody, and lyrics easy to understand into a song called "Mona Lisa". This song is the most audience-pleasing song we've ever released." -G.O.

They've been determined to please a wide audience since their song "Stay".

"Our past song hasn't been that much of hit, but we haven't changed our focus. We make sure that the audience is pleased. This time we have put more changes into the song, putting flavor to members' parts, and making the rhythm smoother than past songs." -G.O.

"Stay"'s performance was a little disappointing. This time around the song is more comfortable, we worked hard to make the performance more effective. Many people know MBLAQ, but don't know our songs. This time we really want to make a song that represents MBLAQ." -Seungho

Mona Lisa is a tango and electronic mixed Spanish-style song. A vision of MBLAQ dancing passionately under a strong shining sun is imagined. A song that makes anticipation for the performance from these sexy, chic idols. However, MBLAQ is focusing more on their live this time around. They are also expressing that they feel more confident in their live skills than other idols.

"We want to be a group that is better at singing than performance now. This time around, Mir's rap skills have especially grown." -Joon

"We don't really put much MR. Especially in Mona Lisa. Singers put a lot of MR because they feel their voices come out too weak and are disappointed about it. However, even if out performance is a little falling than our singing, we really want to win by our singing. We want to be accepted as real singers on stage." -G.O.

This song's dance was made by producer Rain. The gangster-like, strong moves are very similar to Rain's moves. However, MBLAQ is slowly starting to get out of Rain's influence. Rain did not participate in this album, as before.

"I think we will cry when we see Rain-hyung going to the army. We've only talked about his producer-side, so there is a kind of bad image, but there are lots of misunderstandings. We know that Rain is a fun, and charismatic person, so we joked around a lot which made his image...(laughs) the fact that we will part soon makes us feel down already." -Seungho

MBLAQ, who is going to escape Rain's influence, have said that they are going to take over the latter half of the year.

"We've never promoted for a long time before. Even though we were newbies, our inactive period was long. We thought it was more important to grow, so we were inactive for a while, but now is our time to shine. (Laughs) We will not rest, and will keep bringing fresh projects to the audience." -G.O.

TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie@AbsoluteMBLAQ