Nichkhun & Victoria’s Breakfast scene Intimacy

We Got Married’s season3 couple Nichkhun & Victoria romance is more sweet than any other couple on WGM. Thats why most of the viewers call them Khuntoria. Their Affection on the show seems like they are actually dating off air.
On the recent broadcast of WGM the two had Breakfast scene, in which Victoria wake up Nichkhun but he didnt woke up untill Victoria put his head on her lap. Victoria lovingly stroke his hairs and after that Nichkhun gave a big hug to her.
Khuntoria has very sweet chemistry, on the next scene when Victoria gets into the kitchen to cook breakfast Nichkhun came and hug her from behind and whispered “Honey be careful” to which Victoria replied “oh yes Honey” In whole episode both the artists seemed so comfortable with each other, giving the feeling that they are actually in love.
While watching the show MC of WGM made funny and jealous comments on them “Do they need to go that far?
source: Nate
Written by Alia / Associate Writer.