Victoria’s Happy With NichKhun’s Confession

Regarding Nichkhun’s confession on Strong heart, Victoria revealed she is happy with it.

Most of them were surprised towards Victoria’s frank response of ‘really happy’ to Nichkhun’s confession.

Victoria talks about the possibility of having a relationship with Nichkhun on SBS Strong Heart broadcast today .

Before Victoria’s filming of Strong Heart, Nichkhun who had previously made an appearance, confessed that it’ll be good if it wasn’t a show, if Victoria was his real girlfriend.

Regarding Nichkhun’s confession, Victoria commented truthfully I’m really happy. She further revealed her own feelings, saying with a charismatic,well-mannered, and handsome guy like Nichkhun, no women will dislike him.

Kang Hodong asked Victoria “what if Nichkhun wanted to change virtual marriage life into reality, confesses to you, and said I love you, what would you do?

Victoria looked rather flustered and stated “why do you keeping asking hypothetical questions?” to Kang Hodong.

However, Victoria revealed that they contact each other occasionally, and will send messages like ’ be careful on stage’ if they are going to perform together.