Jang Na Ra sighed for “How can I beat you guys“ while seeing SNSD

Jang Na Ra sighed for getting old with thinking "how can I beat you guys" while seeing Girls' Generation.

How was her return in six years?

She came back with KBS 2TV “Baby Faced Beauty” which broadcasted on May 2nd in six years. She acts as female main character, So Young who dreams a fashion designer. She resumes acting in five years with “Baby Faced Beauty”.

She played innocent by playing an old maid, Lee So Young who suffers from the hardship of life although she is 34 years old baby face woman. Reviews eased worries about her return in six years. Nobody can judge everything with the first episode, but she succeeded in passing mark.

She expressed features of early 30's woman and her sweet image well, but some reviews that heaviness of act was somewhat insufficient.

However, she acted better thant expected on the first episode, and made expectation of building a “Baby Face” old maid image higher. Images that she sigh for 'how can I beat you' while seeing a poster of girls' generation and age on her little sister is as an old maid in real.

“Baby Faced Beauty” is a romantic comedy that 34-years old maid overcame handicap, which is high-school graduate and credit delinquent with a baby face and achieved dream and love. 

Source Via : Newsen
Credits: askactor