MBLAQ debut event, 10,000 people. Mir's first live debut after recovery

On the 3rd (Tuesday), K-POP vampire themed, 5 membered dance group performed their Japanese debut single “Your Luv” at the Kanagawa Plaza during Lazona Kawasaki’s launch event, gathering 10,000 fans.

Due to a worsened chronic low back pain, member, Mir who have gone through surgery and rehabilitation, due to his one-month absent, hurried his visit to Japan to show his energetic live performance “Today I am very happy”.

A boy group consisting of 5 people from South Korea, MBLAQ’s SeungHo, Joon, GO, Cheon Dong, Mir, debuted in October 2009 and has won South Korea’s rookies award. Produced by the popular artist, both in Korea and Japan, Rain, who made K-POP, during their last visit to Japan in February, a hot topic.

Today, along with South Korea's debut single "Oh Yeah” and released on the 5th of April debut song "Your Luv" along with "It’s Alright" was performed. Regarding the debut single, Seung-ho explains that, "The dance style is J-POP and K-POP, and the song has both Japan and Korea good points. It's a bright and positive love song, to show everyone a new and different MBLAQ”. "I hope the people in the affected areas, even if its just a little bit, can feel better after hearing this song," he expresses.

On the day of the event, 4,000 CD were sold, a best selling record for that venue. G.O says enthusiastically. "We will work hard to reach No.1 in the Oricon rankings."

The Osaka event, on the 5th of May at AKASO, is where they will launch their limited edition across the country at 5 locations, an exclusive “Debut CD "Ultra" LIVE”.

Source: Oricon Website
Translations: lucifer@AbsoluteMBLAQ