X-5 Leader Ghun is not satisfied with his height,but he is 183cm tall!

X-5’s average height is 186cm. They really can be called ‘tall-dols’ and ‘model-dols’. Although the leader, Ghun, is 183cm, he is the shortest in X-5. Ghun laughed and said, “When the members came together at first, they were all tall. They weren’t short and seemed reliable. However, when I stood between them, I looked short. Honestly, I have no choice but to wear slipsoles. If I don’t wear them, the height difference is really noticeable. I’m standing in the middle because of my height, but if I take off my slipsoles, the middle part (T/N: of their line up) will have a dip in it.”

The height of Zin, the tallest, is 189cm. Zin said, “When I was younger, my goal was 184cm, but after growing to 186cm, I thought that I shouldn’t grow any more. But I grew up to 189cm. Because I’m tall, there are times when it becomes uncomfortable to ride a car or airplane. Although it may sound thoughtless to other people, there really are hard times for me.”

X-5, who has quite a lot of fans as they were famous since trainee days, said maturely, “There were a lot of people who came to see us and we thank you very much. We like it to best when they come to see us on stage rather than anything else. We gain more strength when we see people hold up slogans and cheer us on. However, we’d like it if they each were devoted in the things they did like school or work before coming to see us go on stage.”

We hinted to X-5, who seems like they would be quite popular with their good looks and attractive heights, about girlfriends and they gave us the obvious answer of, “We really don’t have one.” They also truthfully said, “The members who had girlfriends naturally broke up with them after coming into the entertainment. We thought that if we go all out for practices and not meet up, that we would start not liking each other. But they understood.” Maybe this is why, but the vocal, Taefung, picked MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ as the program he really wants to do. He revealed, “While watching TV, I imagined about it. If I were there, what would I do. I really want to try it.”

X-5’s first single title song, ‘The Show is Over’ is a song produced by Rhymer with a strong and grand electro hip-hop rhythm standing out. The skilled composers, Won Young Heon and Lee Yo Han wrote the song while Rhymer attached the lyrics to it. It expresses strong sound and a dramatic song about a man’s desperate heart after being betrayed in love.

The X-5 members who have various musicians that they look up to like Billy Joel, Jason Mraz, Kim Bum Soo, Lee Seung Chul, Eminem, and Tiger JK, all agreed up ‘The Show is Over’ when they were picked their title song. The members said, “We and the company agreed on this to be the title song. The company listens a lot to our thoughts and because they’re all experts, we can tune it around a bit while talking.”

X-5 firmly said, “Although there are many musicians we look up to, we don’t want to become ‘the 2nd’ something.” They also revealed their strong ambitions, “Rather than be ‘the 2nd’ someone, we hope that we can be called by our own color and style.”

To the public’s prejudiced idea on ‘idols’, they said, “We think that they have no choice but to think that. It’s the truth that idols have looked like that to the public. However, lately many of those ideas are going away. There are more idols who are outstanding with both skills and looks. We think that if we should a good side to us as well, we can break free of that prejudiced idea. So we are working hard.”

When they said, “Please give us interest and look over us”, we replied, “If you don’t disappear, we’ll look over you guys.” The members then added, “Those words are scary” and laughed. X-5, who showed their greeds such as telling the public about X-5, getting 1st place in a music program, and the newcomer award, requested, “We will do our best to not disappear. Since we’ll always be doing music, make sure to look over us.”

CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE);; yeoljjung @ X-FIVE STAR (TRANS)