ZE:A receives a touching letter from, the orphanage

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On May 3rd, ZE:A received a touching letter from an orphanage the members first visited last year and have been keeping in touch with since.

For the past year, the members have been working with their fanclub for a special donation project dedicated to Suwon’s “Kyung Dong Won” orphanage. Their efforts weren’t just limited to Suwon alone, however, as they extended their support to other organizations supplementing undernourished kids in Africa.

A representative of Star Empire Entertainment commented, “The members have been participating in a public service and donation project with their official fanclub. Having debuted in 2010, the boys have been receiving more and more love since then. In an effort to return the love they are receiving, they felt the need to make at least a small effort to help others. The heartwarming letter we received from the orphanage actually makes them feel like they’ve received something bigger in return; they’re very thankful.”

A portion of the letter states:

“Hello, this is Kyung Dong Won. This winter was colder than most, but we were warmed with your kind hearts. We would like to thank you for all of the love you’ve sent us, and also for the various presents you have been sending the children. They are so happy with the presents, it was so cute to see them so overjoyed with their favorite toys. We think you would have liked seeing them so happy.

Whenever the children see TV shows with the members of ZE:A on them, they recognize them and call them their ‘hyungs’ and ‘uncles.’ Can you imagine how adorable that is? All of our children are ZE:A’s fanclub members. We will always be supporting you, so fighting!”

ZE:A will be performing at the “Asia Live Tour” in Yokohama, Japan on May 4th.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Korea.com