ZE:A's Surprise Appearance in Muscle M

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South Korea 9 member group, ZE:A is watching the GW(Golden Week) special performance “Muscle Musical” on May 5th, they made a surprise stage at the encore. They will perform in “SONGOKUH” to commemorate the 10 years anniversary in 25th. In theme of “Join the force of South Korea and Japan, energizing Japan”, athletes and K-Pop Idol is doing collaboration. This day, while witnessing Vaulting Horse and Body Scrap, Park Hyungshik (19) said “We made a series of surprise in the performances that everybody can’t do” in excitement. In SON~, ZE:A would also likely challenge themselves, Moon Junyoung (22) said in mixed feeling “I’ve been tumbling so it seems that I have to be guided while doing it.”
First time seeing the same musical, Junyoung also commented “It’s beyond my imagination”, "I hope we can make K-POP song and dance widely known."
Muscle Musical leader, the talented Iketani Naoki (37) also said “Because they’re dancing together while doing musical, the members might feel challenged.”

Kim Dongjun (19) who was absent due to schedule is said to be sport almighty.
When they’re asked about who owns good body, the members said together“All member have a great body if they take off their clothes but Dongjun is the best”.
Furthermore, ZE:A will also performs live in K-POP Theatre from June 3rd until July 2nd.

Source: TV Asahi News + Nikkan Sport
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren