2PM on the set of TV Asahi's ontama

It’s been revealed that 6-member Korean boyband 2PM will be appearing on TV Asahi’s music program “Ontama” from May 16th to May 20th.

The 5-minute weekday program features interview footage with a different artist every week and it was announced that on May 4th, 2PM arrived in Japan and took part in the studio recording for the show.

The members showed off their practiced Japanese for the first time since making their debut in Japan last November. When asked about their favorite Japanese food, Junsu (23) replied, “Ootoro (an expensive part of tuna), banzai! (cheers!)” while lifting both hands into the air, generating laughter from everyone in the studio. Fellow member Junho (21) commented, “(I) want to participate in Kohaku Uta Gassen.”

The 5 episodes featuring 2PM will air next week, beginning on May 16th at 12:15am, JST.

this news is a few days old, but this photo is new ;D the guy in the photo is a cast member on Ontama ^^ this is from the Ontama set, even though it looks a lot like the Take Off MV set ^^