MBLAQ's mini interview at the K-Pop Charity Concert's press conference

MBLAQ has performed in the K-POP Charity Concert hosted by PD Radio at Bitec Bangna Hall in Bangkok, Thailand on the 29th of April. They have also given a short interview at the press conference before the concert started.

△ How many times have you been in Thailand and how do you feel?
This time we've come with all five of us. It was really a pity that Mir didn't come with us last time. I can tell you that this concert is going to be awesome.

△ What do you have in store for Thai fans?
We've prepared a slow beat song for Thai A-plus today. Since every time we came here we only performed dance songs, we want to repay our fans with this song.

△ How do you feel about participating in this concert?
Lee Joon:
It is an honor to be a part of a good concert like this one. We're glad that our music can help bring back smiles to the victims faces. Please smile always, because it can help you forget the sorrow. We want you to smile a lot and enjoy with us.
G.O: I also feel sorry for those people since they're living their hard lives while we're staying in a nice hotel with good food. I want to tell them to hang in there. Behind bad luck comes good luck so please be strong.

△ How do you feel about debuting in Japan?
We're so excited about our Japan debut on the 4th of May. We will be heading to Japan shortly after we're back in Korea. It's so exciting to meet with our fans in Japan. This debut will be like the first stage for us and not a comeback.

△ How do you feel about your Japanese single, 'Your Luv' doing well on charts?
We're very happy to have reached #1 on the chart even before debuting. That has been marked as a good start for us. Everyone please support us.

△ Last time you said that you were going to buy Mir a birthday gift. How was it going?
I didn't get any.
G.O: The gift is in our heart.

△ Do you know any Thai words?
Ron-jing-jing (It's so hot.)
Seungho: Hew-khao (I'm hungry.)
G.O: Rak-na-krab (Love you.)
Lee Joon: Kid-teung (Miss you.)
Cheondung: Chob-muang-Thai (I like Thailand.)

△ How do you feel about having Rain produced for you?
Jihoon-hyung did not produce for us this time, but our last albums. Even though he did not take part in this one, he always gives us advices. Despite the fact that he is a world renowned, he's very nice to us and always gives us good advices. He's like our real older brother. He has just won the top spot in the TIME 100 poll. We are very happy for him.

△ Lee Joon, we have heard that you were casted in a drama. How does it feel?
Lee Joon:
I feel glad. I was worried at first that I might end up doing bad, because it's been quite some time since I've done 'Ninja Assassin.' So I was afraid that audiences might not like it. However, it turned out to be the opposite so I got the chance to do it through the end. I'd like to be in another drama if I have a chance.

△ Are the other members planning to be in a drama too?
My life is dramatic already. (The reporters scream out loud.)
I'm sorry.

△ Please say something to your fans.
Rak-na-krab (Love you) We would like to thank all of you. I'm glad to see a crowd of press here today. We want to come back to Thailand again, because we really like it here. We will definitely come if our fans call. Please don't forget to support us.
Seungho: We have 5 songs prepared to show you, including some from our repackage album. We'd like everyone to cheer us on and enjoy our show.

SOURCE: http://www.pingbook.com/news