[NEWS] Which male group is named as the Model-dols?

Rookie idol group, X-5, revealed trendy music and amazing performances through their showcase on the 20th. Now they have ambitiously thrown their hats in towards the music industry.

The showcase to commemorate the release of their first single, ‘XENOS’, took place this evening at Seoul Apgujung Yeh Hall. X-5 sang their title song, ‘The Show is Over’, ‘Fantasy’, and ‘Don’t Cross My Path’, receiving cheers from the audience.

Gagman Nam Heesuk emceed the event and there was an audience of 200 including associates from X-5′s company, family members, and fans, all of whom showed heated cheers.

X-5, who is known as the tallest group between male idols because their average height is close to 186cm, made a resolution by saying, “We will show a different performance by using our long arms and long legs.”

It was to the point where the emcee, Nam Heesuk, said in admiration, “It feels like I’m looking at basketball players” when the X-5 members appeared on the showcase stage. They remind you of a model group with their handsome appearances and slender bodies.

Ghun, the leader of the group, revealed that he was the shortest in the group with his 183cm height. He explained the positive points by adding, “Because we’re tall, I think the choreography becomes easier for us.”

After revealing the debut single, ‘XENOS’, on the 22nd, X-5 plans to have their first debut stage on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’.

CREDITS: New Daily (SOURCE);; yeoljjung @ X-FIVE STAR (TRANS)