Pledis clarified that After School plagiarized their tap dance in Let's Step Up

Girl Group After School had been hit by plagiarism accusations after their tap-dance performance due to KBS2TV program, 남자의 자격 (Qualifications of Men).

After School’s company Pledis clarified: “The members started practicing the performance since November last year. It’s not because of ''Qualifications of Men'' that they have this (tap-dance) performance.”

When After School performed “Let’s Step Up” on KBS2TV Music Bank, the tap-dance performance was linked to ''Qualifications of Men''s tap-dance episode shown in February earlier this year. As the trainer for After School and ''Qualifications of Men'' is the same person, the accusations of plagiarism were amplified.  

After School is currently promoting their first album, Virgin with the title song, Shampoo.

Credits: energywenkahi.tumblr