Rookie group B1A4 "Captures Noonas Hearts with their Bright Smiles"

Rookie group B1A4 "Captures Noonas Hearts with their Bright Smiles"

The group B1A4 like the spring/autumn season, was a newcomer in the music industry and is catching a lot of attention from netizens.

On the 4th of May, a picture of B1A4's appearance at MBC Pyojun FM 'Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night Radio' was uploaded. They were dressed in ordinary street clothes rather than outfits and were smiling brightly just like their appropriate age. This has attracted even more attention.

Jinyoung, BARO, Sandeul, CNU, Gongchan from B1A4 whose song from their Mini album is 'O.K'. The promoting activities as a rookie group has really been getting a lot attention as a pop group with young and talented singers who have good looks and extraordinary singing ability.

On this day, B1A4 appeared with their cute looks, with lots of affection which also gave listeners a good time on Park Gyeong Rim's Starry Starry Night's '7 minutes talk' section. This increased the amount of Noona Fans, securing the next-generation that B1A4 is awesome.

Article Credits: Nate + CAPTAIN! @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: 바보 Vic @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM