Q&A from 2PM 1st Concert Making Story Photobook

1.What time is it?

​At what time are you writing this? If you have a choice, what time would you get up?
WY : 8’O clock in the morning
TY : 10:30 pm. 6 pm.
NK: 10:36 pm. 10:45 am.
CS : 8:32 pm.11:00 am.
JS : 6: 30 am. Any time I wish.
JH : 7:00 pm. 1 hour before the schedule.
2.Don’t stop Can’t stop

What is your source of energy these day?
WY : Member of 2PM
TY : Success of and attention from people.
NK: Thoughts about my future.
CS : My work.
JS : Composing, love from fans.
JH : Expectation from fans.

3.Tired of waiting
What is the longest time you can wait?

WY : About a day
TY : If it’s for our 2PM member, I can wait as long as it takes.
NK: 1 hour.
CS : 1-2 hours.
JS : 1 hour
JH : 1 hour.
4.Without U

What is one thing you can’t live without these day? Any why?
If you have one belonging you keep forgetting, what is it?

WY : I am learning a lot, starting from acting and onwards. Lip balm for my lips.
TY : A Monster drink. Since I stay up many nights due to our tight schedule I need the energy drink. A Watch.I try to wear it since it is one of the fashion items, but I keep for getting.
NK: Cellular phone. Chap Stick. I keep losing it before I use them all up.
CS : I have just started a fitness project. Lip Balm.
JS : A cup of coffee. It’s a break time for me. Wallet, cellular phone, etc.
JH : Books and food for the soul. None
5.Only You

Name a song you would sing when you are proposing. If you get a chance to see only one person, who would it be?

WY : by Glassbox. My grandfather whom I miss very much.
TY : by Keith Martin. The song is wonderful. Ha Ji-won. She has been my ideal woman for a long time.
NK: Have not thought about it yet. Dad. I have not seen him along time.
CS : Maxwell’s . No one. I always see the people I love.
JS : My future wife. I am very curious……
JH : My own song written by myself. Steve Jobs. I want to discuss great ideas with him.
If you can describe or draw your own angel’s appearance?
If you would become an angel who can grant someone’s wish for a day, who’s and what wish would it be?

WY : An angel that is considerate and give way to others. My parents’ wish to travel.
TY : Our staff. They work so hard for us but we haven’t done much for them.
NK: A mother-like woman. A wish of the poorest man on Earth.
CS : An angel with lots of understanding. All the wishes of the people of Korea.
JS : I wish that gives hope to the person at the time of crisis.
JH : White with wings. Abandoned animals, people who face hardships in life.

7. I hate you
What is your hateful side even the fans would not like?

WY : When I joke around with other female celebritiesJ
TY : Sometimes I can be very cold.
NK: I don’t think I have any.
CS : When I put on the solemn face.
JS : I am not sure.
JH : My bizarre expression. Even for me they are too.

8. I was crazy about you
You were crazy about this song! Name a song that led you to dream of becoming a singer. What is your personal favorite 2PM’s song?

WY : by Seven, Again&Again
TY : Will Smith’s . I had a chance to song this with Seulong from 2AM on the stage. It was so much fun.
NK: Jason Marz . . I think this song goes well with me.
CS : Brain McKnight’s . .It’s an easy song to listen to.
JS : R. Kelly’s . . I love the melody and the feel of the song.
JH : by Michael Jackson. His moon-walking was very impressive. . It was best.

If you are to be born again as a 2PM member, who would it be?And why?
Name a place you would want to go back not for work but just travelling.

WY : All the member are great, but I will go withKhun. Since he’s good looking! Thailand and Japan. I want to experience their unique culture properly.
TY : Chang-Sung. The reason is……..ask him. Venice. It’s a place where I would like to propose at.
NK: I am just satisfied with myself. Hawaii
CS : Woo-Young since he is so funny J. Thailand
JS : Myself. I want to live my best again. Switzerland. It is a beautiful country.
JH : Myself. I can’t be replaced. New Zealand. It has clean nature and maintains public order and security.
10.10 out of 10

If you name a personality that you could rate 10 out of 10?
Then what aspect is not 10 out of 10?

WY : Good- natured personality. I’m not so sure about reason. Sometimes I act in a mean way. I don’t know the reason.
TY : My ears. They are distinctively cute. ^^ There seems to be too many. J
NK: Hospitality to others. Worring too much.
CS : When I act cute or put on a solemn face. I think I need to work on many aspects of my personality.
JS : Don’t have any. I will work on it. Well……..
JH : ^^ My bright, sunny smile. Well………..

11.My life 4 you

What is one thing you think a man should risk his life for?

WY : Dream
TY : Passionate love?
NK: Responsibility
CS : Family
JS : A friend
JH : Dream


How would you describe your heartbeat?
What makes your heartbeat nowadays?

WY : Boom-boom, 2PM and acting in
TY : Can You Fell My Heartbeat? Jin-Gook from
NK: My life. Music
CS : Boom-Boom. Drama
JS : Boom!Boom!Boom!. When the song I produced are played.
JH : Intensity. My future on music.
13.May return

If you have a time you would want to go back?

WY : High-school days
TY : The day of the audition.
NK: My school days
CS : When I was trainee.
JS : The First year of high school.
JH : Elementary school days. I miss my friends.
14. I’ll be back

What is one promise you are anxious to keep with other 2PM members?
WY : To join the army all together at the same time.
TY : The promise our members made at we will join the army and also be discharged all together at the same time and work on the album. (Khun will look after 2PM until we come back.)
NK: No Question this
CS : The promise our members made at we will join the army and also be discharged all together at the same time and work on the album. (same TY)
JS : The promise our members made at we will join the army and also be discharged all together at the same time and work on the album. (same TY)
JH : The promise our members made at we will join the army and also be discharged all together at the same time and work on the album. (same TY)
Big thanks to @vounv & Madambeau :)