Siwon, from childhood till now

Siwon – form of a perfect man of any girls

He has a bright personality and kind, always polite to others, so much more. Growth, as well as exquisitely generous, calm with gentle manners have long allowed him beyond the limits of an idol.

Handsome, tall, the rich, good at English and could speak good Chinese, singing, acting, good talents on drums, a friendly, open, according to Si-won said the song which he sings the opening, all the hot hits such as “Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, No Other …

With body “standard without modification ” of a model, his face bright and fresh herb, apparently he had been born as part of the art world. By Andy King both men said that Siwon possesses a talent no limitations when the two starred “A Battle of Wits”.

Siwon has politely greeted the staff with both Taiwanese and Cantonese Mandarin language, Chinese language ability proved that he was studying hard for several months.

Siwon had made many progress since his debut. Lets see what our Siwon was and what he is now,

Instead of calling ourselves ELF we should call Siwon an ELF because he is “Every Ladies Fantasy”

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