Soldiers laugh and cry because of SNSD

On April 30th, the ranking of girl groups that make soldiers cry and laugh was revealed through ‘Kim SaengMin’s Strange Ranking’ corner of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’. However, because it was not possible to carry out the survey among those in the army, the survey was conducted on those who were discharged from the army recently.
From the result of the survey, SNSD who have outstanding leg lines and unique individual charms were ranked 1st. Their photos were often found in soldiers’ lockers. Furthermore, many celebrities also revealed that they have SNSD’s photos in their lockers and admit that these photos cheered them up.
Kara, who had just miraculously solved their problem with their agency came in 2nd. Miss A came in 3rd, Wonder girls in 4th, followed by Brown Eyed Girls in 5th, 2NE1 in 6th and T-ara came in 7th.
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