Beast’s Dong Woon runs forward as 'the inline roller skating representative'

48 idol stars gathered at the Bucheon Stadium for the recording of the National Idol Sports Championships broadcast on the 30th of April. Participants representing their hometowns took part in this contest of basic physical abilities with explosive competitive spirit.

A special event in this championships was the inline roller skating event. Beast’s Son Dongwoon took part in this event representing the Gangwon-Chungcheong team.

Before the competition, Dongwoon had previously posted online that his favourite sport was inline roller skating, and he also revealed that during his school days, he had represented Cheongju to take part in the National Inline Roller Skating Competition , getting second place.

Besides Dongwoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Seungho along with Z:EA’s Dongjun who is recognised as a strong athletic force among idols were his worthy opponents. Even from the beginning, the competition between them was fierce.

Will Beast’s Dongwoon surpass his other idol opponents and show off his skills as the national inline roller skating prize winner? Results will be seen on the program National Idol Sports Championships.

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