''Horror-dol'' Eunjung, will she hit it big with another horror film?

"Horror-dol" Eunjung's second horror film attempt is gathering attention of her fans.

Girl group T-ara's Ham Eun Jung is returning to horror film industry for the first time in 3 years with the movie "White-Cursed Melody" which is set to open on June 9th.

Eun Jung showed her impressive acting in the 2008 film, "Death Bell" and caught the eyes of  many horror film fans. This movie gathered 1.7 million viewers despite the low budget and surprised everyone movie critic. Ham Eun Jung's acting definitely contributed to such success. Her acting wasn't great and she showed a few mistakes, but the fact that she is a member of a popular idol group and that she was a new face in the movie industry appealed to the movie-goers.

Since then, she worked on her acting with the dramas "Coffee House" and "Dream High" and took the role of the leading role in this upcoming horror film. She is Eun Ju, the leader of a girl group Pink Dolls who didn't get to shine and ends up succeeding as a solo artist, singing an ownerless song, "White." However, since she started to sing the song, she is caught up in many incidents and accidents.
"White" is getting lots of attention since the story is about an idol group and the mysterious things that happen to the members, and the main character is played out by a girl group member.

Also Ham Eun Jung experienced the haunted house recently with Hyo Min and Ji Yeon to increase her bravery in the Kyung Ki, Pa Ju district.

Movie industry representatives said "We expect her acting to be superb since she has worked on it even while promoting her songs as a member of T-Ara. Although the genre is horror, which shows the most split in the reactions from the viewers, we expect the movie to do fairly well in the box office with Ham Eun Jung as the leading role.

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