B2ST becomes the first ever Korean endorsement models for ‘Beatoy’

B2ST has been selected as endorsement models for the American vintage casual brand, ‘Beatoy‘!
B2ST is the first ever Korean celebrity group to model for the brand, and shooting took place at a studio in Itaewon on August 17th. The boys proved to be a perfect fit for the brand’s image, as they brought their lively energy to the set.
Representatives of Beatoy said, “B2ST is one of the most popular male idol groups today, and as our brand’s target consumer base is in the age range of teens to 20’s, we’re sure that they’ll direct our brand’s image towards a positive direction.”
B2ST showcased their professionalism on set by personally trying on every outfit in order to pick out the style that best fit their character and personality.
The director for ‘Beatoy’ added, “Vito’s identity as an American vintage casual brand combined with B2ST’s modern, yet free-spirited image is sure to create a synergistic effect.”
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate