Kyuhyun feels he’s the 4th best looking Super Junior member

On an episode of a popular KBS entertainment news program that aired on the 6th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun surprisingly expressed his confidence.
Leader Leeteuk asked the youngest member Kyuhyun, “Where do you think you rank, as far as looks are concerned?” Kyuhyun then went deep into thought, even as the members began to tease him.
He finally admitted that he feels he ranks somewhere in the top five. He chose Siwon as #1, followed by Dong Hae, Heechul, and finally, himself. He stated, “I think I’m about the 4th most good-looking,” which evoked much laughter from the members.
Fans responded with, “You will always be my #1“, “This made me laugh out loud“, and “This was hilarious.”

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate