Sandara Park and CL reveal photos in school uniforms

2NE1’s Sandara Park and CL revealed some photos where they’re wearing school uniforms.
Sandara Park posted on her me2day, “Long ago, there was a Nolza highschool in Hap Jung Dong! One peaceful day.. a student had transferred to Nolza highschool~ It was! Lee Chaerin! Dun dun!
Sandara Park added, “Chaerin was a charming, and a studious mother’s friend’s daughter! However, there was a student who was jealous of her…Dun Dun“.
In the picture that Sandara Park had posted along with this story, CL is flirtatiously posing for the camera while wearing a fitted school uniform.
Continuing on with the story, Sandara Park posted, “Self promoted best fighter of the school, Dal Ohng, was envious of popular Chaerin! Dal Ohng tried to bully Chaerin and take her money! ‘Yah! Give me 500won!’ But…but.. I don’t care! replied Chaerin” along with a second picture.

In the second picture, CL and Sandara Park are both wearing uniforms while staging a comical set for the photo. CL is posing with her fingers together with a smug expression while Sandara Park has a prankster style face.
Netizens who came across these pictures commented, “They look really good in uniforms“, “There is a story behind the staged pictures“, “The best staged pictures“, “They look totally cute with uniforms on“.
Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate